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2024 Louisiana
Knife Show
Vendor Registration

Registration Info
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1. SHOW QUALIFICATION: The show is open to makers, dealers, manufacturers, and collectors of all segments of the knife, cutlery, survival, and tactical industries. Non-related exhibits will be at the discretion of show management. NO FLEA MARKET, PAKISTANI MADE KNIVES OR PAKIMASCUS IS ALLOWED If a vendor is caught selling these knives they will be disqualified from attending or exhibiting at any future Louisiana Knife shows. Damascus made from other suppliers is allowed and encouraged. 

2. VENDOR FEE: A non-refundable fee of $125 per table or $350 for booth is due at the receipt of contract. Vendor will not be allowed to occupy any area or table not paid for.

3. DISPLAY REGULATIONS/VENDOR SPACE: No display may block or interfere with another neighbor’s space. All activities and materials should be relevant to the vendor’s product’s and/or services. The level of sound production devices should be kept at low, as not to interfere with other vendor’s. No exhibits will be allowed outside of the space you are provided. Nothing may be tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, tables, furniture, etc... You may use command strips to display signage if necessary. Any damages that would happen because of affixing materials will be up to the vendor to pay.

4. VENDOR ATTENDEES: All vendors will be required to register. You will receive 2 name badges, per rental space. All badges must be worn at all times while show is in progress.

5. VENDOR SETUP: Setup begins Friday September 13 at 12pm and ends at 8pm. All tables must be open during all business hours. You may not tear down until 5:00pm, unless Knife Show staff have given permission. Failure to comply will result in loss of future exhibit privileges. All items must be torn down and tables must be cleaned by 5:00pm.

6. VENDOR FURNISHINGS: All vendors will have a 8ft table with tablecloth ready. We will have assigned your spots prior to show. This venue has cashless concessions . Wifi will be available.

7.LIABILITIES: Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify the 2024 Louisiana Knife Show and all their managers, sponsors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, guests, from any damages, expenses, losses or liabilities, including but not limited to any suit or claim for personal injury, product liability, for property damage (including theft, fire, accident, or other cause) or for loss of property by whosoever sustained on or about Vendor’s participation in the show.

By Submitting, You Agree You Have Read and Will Comply to All Vendor Rules

Thank You For Joining Us As a Vendor For the 2024 Louisiana Knife Show! If Approved, an Invoice will be Sent Via Email

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