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2024 Louisiana
Knife Show

Sponsor Registration

To become a sponsor for the 2024 Louisiana Knife show, fill out the following form and select sponsor level, and you will be emailed an invoice

Sponsor Registration Info
Check all that apply:
Sponsorship Levels

$500 Sponsor level: At the $500 level, Sponsors will have their name and logo on the official Louisiana Knife show banner, be listed on the Louisiana Custom Knife Association website, be given a table at the show or $125 credit off booth purchase (See note below), and will have their name and logo used on all flyers and advertisements on social media. 

$200 Award Sponsor level: In addition to a $500 sponsorship, for an additional $200, Sponsors will have their name and logo on one of the Louisiana Knife show awards. (while supplies last)

$200 Banner level: Your name or logo will be on the Knife Show banner.

NOTE: The $500 level table is only allowed for custom knife related sponsors. We want to promote all of our sponsors for what they are doing, but we want to keep our knife show about knives. We appreciate your understanding. 

Thank You For choosing to sponsor the 2024 Louisiana Custom Knife Show! An invoice will be emailed for payment.

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