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Mission Statement:

To promote and perpetuate knifemaking and affiliated trades in Louisiana. To inform, equip, and educate individuals in the art of knifemaking, knife collecting, engraving and sheath making through the distribution and sharing of information of skills and talent. To provide a forum for free exchange of ideas and techniques amongst members; to foster and encourage creativity, individualism, and independent expression in knifemaking, leather crafts, engraving and knife collecting.



The goal of this association is to educate and mentor new craftsmen and collectors while also forming a network of these individuals to promote the industry and support one another. Another leading goal of this group is to represent members and the custom knife community’s interest regarding issues and political policy which could have a negative impact on knife owner rights and the custom knife industry as we know it today.

Latest News


The Louisiana knife show was held on September 10th in Lafayette, and what a blast! I think we all had a great time. There are a few things we learned for future shows, but overall everything went well. If anyone has any feedback, feel free to reach out. We can't make something better if we don't know about it. 

Awards went to the following people: Best fixed blade: JW Randall

Best kitchen knife: Andrew Smith

Best Folder: Stanley Buzek

Best Bang-for-the-buck: Chris Jones

Best Stock Removal: Daniel Hale

Best of Show: JW Randall


We are already planning the next year's knife show, and we are working on some changes. We will keep everyone updated. 

Also, we have about 20 LCKA members who have not paid their dues yet. Dues are $20 for the year, and can be paid through the website or by Paypal

See everyone soon!


Event Schedule

Joint Meeting w/ Gulf Coast Blacksmith Assoc.

February 25th

John Perillouxs Shop

Robert, LA

Knife Nite 

April 13th

6pm till

Denham Springs, LA

2023 Louisiana Knife Show

September ?




Meet Your Maker

Chris Marks knives
Chris Marks Mastersmith Damascus knife

Chris Marks   1961-2020

He was one of the original founders of the Louisiana Metalsmiths Association (LAMA) and has been actively involved in the club for over 25 years  Chris was a Master Bladesmith and appeared on one of the earlier History Channel Forged in Fire TV knife competition program.  He was famously known for his damascus steel and many people were amazed and awed by the uniqueness and complexity of the damascus pattern.  Chris would often arrive at a monthly LAMA meeting and without being asked, provide a demonstration for the crowd.  He was a reserved and quiet person until he warmed up to you and then would talk for hours on end about blacksmithing and his newest knife project.

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