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Mission Statement:

To promote and perpetuate knifemaking and affiliated trades in Louisiana. To inform, equip, and educate individuals in the art of knifemaking, knife collecting, engraving and sheath making through the distribution and sharing of information of skills and talent. To provide a forum for free exchange of ideas and techniques amongst members; to foster and encourage creativity, individualism, and independent expression in knifemaking, leather crafts, engraving and knife collecting.



The goal of this association is to educate and mentor new craftsmen and collectors while also forming a network of these individuals to promote the industry and support one another. Another leading goal of this group is to represent members and the custom knife community’s interest regarding issues and political policy which could have a negative impact on knife owner rights and the custom knife industry as we know it today.


Made by Dan Cormier Sr


Made by Dan Graves


Latest News

We have a venue for the 2023 Louisiana Knife Show!

After much looking and hard work, we have finally secured a venue for the 2023 Louisiana Knife Show. It will be held at the Lamar Dixon TradeMart in Gonzales, Louisiana on September 9th. This is about the best venue I think we could have hoped for, and there are multiple convenience factors that come with it as well. For one, tables come with the place and will be setup as we tell them to. If everyone remembers the nightmare of all of our tables not arriving on time last year, with this venue we will not have to deal with that. Another thing, is there are multiple hotels and shopping centers nearby. 

Concessions will be part of the rental of the building as well, meaning we have to use their concessions instead of finding our own. We plan on doing some sort of a meal ticket this year, so hopefully our lunch for vendors will work a little easier this show. 

As far as awards for the show goes, the categories will be Best Fixed Blade, Best Ktichen Knife, Best Stock Removal Knife, Best Folder, Best of the Rest and Best of Show.  We are also looking for sponsors. We have two sponsorship tiers available. For a $200 sponsorship, the sponsors will have their name and logo on our official banner. At the $500 level, our sponsor's logo and name will be used in all our social media ads and listed on our website. We are still discussing other sponsorship ideas as well. 

Our next Knife Nite will be held on July 13th at Mark East's place. The address is: 1015 Gallet Rd Youngsville, LA 


Made by Byron Meche 

Made by Darrin Sanders

Event Schedule

Knife Nite 

July 13th

6pm till

Youngsville, LA

2023 Louisiana Knife Show

September 9th


Lamar Dixon Trade Mart

Gonzales, LA


Meet Your Maker

Sanders folder3.JPG

Mike Sanders   1943-2015

Mike started making knives in 1965 as a hobby. He was a full time Louisiana knife maker since 1985.

Mike has made many knives over the years for different organizations and causes to sell as fund raisers and donations. He has sold and shipped many different kinds of knives all over the United States and internationally as well. Examples of the knives he made include, one-of-a-kind bowies, as well as daggers, miniatures, slip joint and liner lock folders, and fantasy knives. Mike was a heck of a knifemaker and a heck of a friend. Dearly missed. 

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